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Upload your own design, favourite screensaver, or even a photo to add the ultimate personal touch to your desk setup.

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What Customers are saying

Fits Your Desk Perfectly

"I'm so happy with my Gaming Mat and it fits perfectly on my desk with my PC and Monitor"

Easy to Personalise

"I can't believe how easy it was to customise it with my own Gamertag

And it's so smooth too!"

Great for Offices Too!

"Love this new mouse mat from Elite Raven, it’s massively improved my work space! It looks and feels great, would definitely recommend!"

About Elite Raven

Elite Raven is the result of lots of late night conversations between friends, Ryan & Jimmy, while gaming online.

Combining Ryan's graphic design skills and Jimmy's business experience, they made custom gaming mats for themselves, their friends, and then started thinking about offering them to strangers.

And that's where you come in.

All Elite Raven gaming mats are designed by Ryan and printed by Jimmy in Yorkshire, England.

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